Thursday, September 16, 2010

New School Year 2010-2011

Nathan's I love how the tank and the "Boom" turned out!
Elizabeth's I love the paper on the dress, it is so cool!
Victoria's I loved the fireflys!  They are so cute!
Every school year, on the night before it begins, I make some kind of "Place Mat" for the kids to know where they will be sitting for the school.  So this year, being my first year to have my Cricut for the first day, I got to use it for them.  They Loved them!  Each one turned out really cute, and there is something about each that I really love. 

Happy 70th Birthday!

I made this card for my husbands Uncle's 70th birthday.  After he opened it, he came to me and said, " That is the most beautiful handmade card I have ever seen".  How sweet, is that!  That is alot of the reason of why I make cards, just because it makes alot of people know that there was alot of time and thought behind each one.  And alot of times, when I make these cards, I pray for the person or persons that it is for.  Well, I hope you enjoy what you see!