Thursday, October 1, 2015

50th Wedding Anniversary

Hello!  I am sorry, I have gone missing for quite some time.  Life for me this year has been extremely busy, with a 16th birthday party, a graduation, and open house, and then a surprise 50th anniversary year has consisted of many parties!  Anyways, the Surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary party was for my parents.  They are such special people in my life, and so many others. They are such a Godly example of what love is about.  Their marriage is not perfect, but it has been filled with so many blessing and wonderful memories and joy.  Anyways, my 2 sisters and I, along with our families, were able to pull off a Huge surprise for our parents, we surprised them with a Surprise party and then a few weeks later sent them off on a trip to Oregon, to visit some friends, that they thought that they would never get to go see.  It was a lot of work, but Oh so much fun and rewarding to do this for them.  They greatly deserved it, and needed it too.  They were stunned and totally surprised by it all.  Even down to being on their trip, they still were in disbelief that this all took place.  What a joy!  :-)  I am so glad we got to honor our parents in this way.  We even hired a professional photographer too!  Anyways, this card is a pop-up box card, that I made and was able to slip into their suitcase right before they left on their trip.  They were totally surprised!  This year has been full of surprises for them!  :-)  I love how this card turned out, simple yet elegant, with the touch of gold for it being their 50th, and the splash of blue from their wedding colors.   I am so eager for them to share their pictures and stories about their trip!

The shoes were for the "Shoe Game" where they both had one of each shoe, and answered questions, of who is most likely to... then they would raise the shoe that it pertained to.  That caused a lot of smiles and laughter from all 100+ guests!  What great time!
They are still very much in love!
 Anyways, thank you all for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!