Friday, December 17, 2010

Deer Father in Law Birthday Card!

Opps, I almost forgot to post this.  My Father in Law has been out hunting alot lately and has yet to get "the BIG one"!  So I thought that I would give him an image of what a big one looks like!  LOL  He really loved that "Curly" antlers!  Either way, it seems like if you go hunting for deer here in Ohio, there has to be snow on the ground and freeeeezing cold temperatures.  Well, thanks for looking! 

A Snowy, Happy Birthday Card From Ohio!

I made a birthday card for my nephew who lives in Sunny California...I did not know what to make for a card for this is what I came up inspiration was all the snow we got this week and the kids playing outside in it.  Fun!  Plus, when I sent him a message, I asked him if he missed the snow, and his reply was that he kinda did.  If only we could have the snow with a lot warmer tempuratures!  LOL  Either way, enjoy looking my few followers and have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!