Thursday, February 24, 2011

Leafy Hello!

My kids have truely enjoyed my Gypsy!  The have all been fighting who gets to play with it!  And when I tell them, "not now", they walk away pouting.  LOL  Either way if you noticed my blog name, it is for the reason that it is not always about me, sometimes it is about my family.  I have really enjoyed sharing and spending time with my kids, and teaching them to be creative.  They love watching and seeing what I can come up with next. LOL  Well, the results have been growing in my oldest 13 yr. old daughter!  She has met a friend on a very well monitored web page, from another country and has enjoyed teasing and chatting with him along with alot of other people from all over the world.  Kinda like a pen pal, but a little less personal...  Either way this one friend has recently been diagnosed with cancer, and she wanted to send him a card to hopefully lift his spirits all the way to the UK.  This is the results!
Didn't it turn out GREAT!  I think she did a wonderful job, and a natural!  I hope he is blessed by it, and encouraged too!  Well thanks for looking and I hope you have a wonderful day!