Saturday, April 4, 2015

Nerf Birthday

Okay, this is the last post for the day!  This was for my wonderful son!  He recently turned 16 years old!  Where does the time go?  Really?  I cannot believe that my boy is now 16!  I grew up with only sisters, so he is the only boy, (besides my dad and my hubby), in my life.  So I love watching him grow up and change.  I love seeing the changes that he is going thru, like that facial hair!  That one cracks me up!  I was more the "tomboy" in my family of all girls, so him and I really do connect in so many ways.  He has a large obsession with Lego's and Nerf!  So we had a blast for his 16th party and had a large Nerf War with his basketball team, friends and family.  He has always wanted to have a big party with a Nerf was, so we fulfilled that dream!  Almost all of his basketball team came.  So we had a nice crowd, for some b-ball and Nerf wars!  Woohoo!  It was so much fun!  He will have great memories of that for many years to come.  Anyways, I made this card for him, complete with the Nerf "swoosh" logo, and Nerf darts!  Do you see them?  I think it turned out pretty good! 

Thanks for checking out all these posts, and I hope you have a day filled lots of joy and blessings!

Umbrella Shower

So this cute little card was made for my niece who we had to have a bridal shower for, before she and her hubby leave us soon.  She is already married due to his military deployment, so we decided to have a shower before he comes back and they officially start their lives together.  We would not want to send them off with nothing to start their home with.  Anyways, here is the card I made for her!  It really is a simple yet pretty card that could easily be used for a baby shower, depending on the gender of the baby you could just simply change the colors of the paper and such!

Isn't it pretty! 
Well, thank you for taking a look around and I hope you have a fantastic day!

Basket Ball Coach!

This card was made for my son's Basketball coach.  He has been a great teacher and very patient with all of the team.  This was his last year coaching the boys.  He is passing the torch onto another dad to take over the team!  We are sad to see him go, but also looking forward to what the future may hold for the team and my son.  Either way, I wanted to make his card extra special/fancy!  So I did a Shaker/pop-up card!  LOL  Take a look!

I think this card turned out really good!
Anyways, thanks again for stopping in and seeing what I have been creating!

13 Birthday Candles Bendy Card

GSo I made this cute bendy card for my sweet, smiley girl who just turned 13!  Where does the time go?  My baby is now a teenager!  Wow!  She is growing up and is so pretty and is always smiling and is always the first one to laugh!  She bring such joy and laughter to our family!  I love this girl! 
This was my second but my first attempt at making a bendy card completely on my Cricut Explore!  What a wonderful machine and program!  Anyways, here is what I came up with for her!

Thanks for coming by! I hope you have a wonderful day! 

Garden Bendy Card

Okay, this one was a bit of a challenge for me, yet so fun to make.  This was my first attempt at making a bendy card.  I made this one for my sweet SIL, who is so kind and thoughtful.  She introduced me and my family to an amazing business that has life changing, all natural products.  What an amazing thing!  I have joined her and her family in a journey to better health.  In the past year, my health and asthma has improved and I have finally been able to have a GREAT report form my "Lung" Dr.  Who was impressed with my health improvement.  These amazing health products/supplements have saved my nieces life, too.  The products are all Natural and are changing lives drastically for the better and it is diabetic safe. Actually, it was originally made for people with diabetes and they found so many happy side effects, caused from these amazing products.  Side effects like, weight loss, joint pain improvement/gone, IBS gone, planters fasciitis gone, fibromyalgia gone...the list of testimonies just goes on. Anyways, you are probably wondering what this company's name is and what it is all about!  It is a relatively new company and it is exploding in its growth so fast!  This amazing company is called, Plexus!  I love what their products are and that they are ALL NATURAL!  They are GMO free and Gluten free!  It is so awesome to be a part of this company and this opportunity of a lifetime!  If you ever want to know more about this company and its products please take a look around on my website or message me, and I will be glad to answer any questions you may have!  So here is My Plexus Website, go check it out and see what it is all about!  I love my yummy Plexus Pink Drink! 

Either way, I am so very thankful for my SIL, for introducing me to Plexus and how it is changing my life and hers and our families lives and so many others, all for the better!  So either way, she needed a special birthday card!  So I took on the challenge and made another bendy card!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!


January Birthdays!

Okay, so these two were made for some very special people in my families life.  One was for our Pastor's wife and the other was for our Assistant Pastor.  They share the same birthday month as I do!  They are both such Godly people and people to look up to.  So here is their cards!  Oh, and I LOVE the Ornamental Ironwork 2 Cricut Cartridge! 

Thanks for stopping and by and I hope your day is filled with many blessings!

Baby Stroller Mobile

I am so sorry, I have not posted in a while.  Even though I have not posted in a while, doesn't mean that I have not been making my cards and crafts.  I am still very busy doing them, it just takes time to post and share them, and its seems as of lately, I just have not had that.  Anyways, so I will share with you a bunch of cards in the next few post that I have made.  Enjoy!

So this one was made for a cousins baby shower, and we knew she was having a girl, so that is why it was pink.  Plus the baby carriage, was an Action Wobble.  The inside had a pop-up part that was so very simple to make.  Looks like a baby mobile!  I think the whole card turned out so pretty! 
Thanks so much for being patient with me and I hope you have a fantastic day!