Friday, April 1, 2011

12 years ago!

My 12th birthday was recently celebrated and this it the card that I planned and designed on my Gypsy and the saved for months...Then ON THE DAY, of his birthday I made him stay upstairs so that I could could make it for him.  As you can see, it was pretty simple, so he did not have to stay upstairs to long. He loves bouncy balls and is collecting them.  He has about 70+ of them and counting.  That is where I got my inspiration and that is what all the circles are. (just in case you were wondering)  I just cut a bunch of circles out of different sizes.  Then I cut more circles out just one step bigger than each one was, for the shadow.  Next, I put my Crystal effect from S.U. on the printed paper of each circle to give them the look of rubber. Then I pop dotted the shadow with the printed paper, and glued them to card.  I stamped the image of Happy Birthday and pop dotted that too.  Then I drew the "bouncy lines" with my black stickles.  Then once the inside was done, I let him come down, and we had a BIG celebration of his 12th Birthday!  Yea!!!!  And guess what he got???  More bouncy balls from his Grandparents! 

1st Z-card!

I made my first Z-card the other day and then I did it again, but this time to actually give away with a little tweeking of my own.  It is called a Z-card because of its shape when it is all folded up, it makes a Z.  This is a fairly simple card to make.  I had to cut mine down just a little to get it to fit into my envelopes that I already have.  So this is what I came up with.  This is going to one of the ladies at our church. 
I used:
My Gypsy
an "old" edge punch
Paper flowers
some brads
S.U. Stamp
Satin Ribbon
The back ground for both my Stamped image and my message comes from the Blackletter cart.
I am sure I will be making more of these since they are so simple!  Well, thanks for looking and have a wonderful day.

The Front

The inside

The backside


Welcome Baby!

This card I made, was for my cousin who I grew up with.  Even though we live many states apart and don't hardly talk on the phone with each other, (due to hectic lives with kids and jobs), when we get together it is like we never have been apart.  So she is a very special cousin to me.  Either way, as you can tell, she had a little boy, and this is the card I sent her. 
The things I used:
I used my Gypsy to cut out the tree and the baby carriage are both from the Stretch Your Imagination Cart. The words and the boarder were printed from a computer program...then I did some stickles and some gems and just a touch of shimmery chalk on the tree and the carriage. The ribbon is from Michaels...the stamps behind the tree are from SU. I hope you like!