Monday, April 28, 2014

Birthday, Inside Tri-Step

Hello again!  I am going to get straight to it, on introducing this card.  I found this card idea on Pinterest and could only find two different tutorials on how to make it.  Neither of them were very clear on how to make it or how to embellish it with the papers and such.  So after A LOT of trial and error and maybe almost tears and A LOT of determination.  I finally figured it out.  I ended up making several templates of inexpensive printer paper, until I got it right.  Then I flipped my template over onto the back side of my papers and traced the outline of everything, including the cuts.  Finally after all of that I was able to make it.  So I am warning you now, that if you would like to make one of these, you may want to take my advise and make templates with inexpensive papers before wasting and ruining your precious papers, (like I did).  Or if someone wants to venture into making a much more clear tutorial to help others out, that would be even better! 
Either way, this card was made for my niece, who just turned 18 and is about to graduate this year.  She is growing up so fast and into such an wonderful young lady.  So with all of the frustration that this card has given me, and the fact that I triumphed at making it, I guess you could call this card a HUGE labor of love and well worth it!  It did turn out really beautiful and I am very pleased with it.  Although I am not sure that I will ever make one of these again.  LOL  Then again, I do love challenges and this sure was one.  Well, we shall see! 

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