Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Musical Kind of Birthday

This card was made for another one of my nephews!  Hmmmm!  I just realized that a few of my nephew's birthdays all land around each other.  That can sometimes prove to be a little rough when it comes to inspiration to guys cards.  Anyway, this nephew is very involved in playing his guitar and singing at his church.  He does a pretty great job at it too!  So naturally when I saw a card on Pinterest, it became my inspiration to make this one.  This one was a lot of trial and error before I was happy enough with it to share and give it away.  It may not be perfect but I was pretty pleased with it and I hope he is too!

I used:
Plantain SchoolBook Cricut Cartridge for all the shapes
Gold Gel Pen
Metal stickers
HB Stamp from Hobby Lobby

Thanks again for stopping in and seeing what I have been doing this summer!
I hope you are have a great summer!

Captain America Shield Card

Okay, this easel card went to my nephew.  This card was so very easy and fun to make, especially when you have your own boy who is a fan of the movie Captain America!  My son even brought me a hand drawn example of how the shield should look.  When the card was completed, my son even informed me that he would love it if I made something like that for him, so that he would have a more "real " and better picture of it.  I love my boy, he is so much fun and brings such a different light of things into our mostly girls life.  You see I never had a brother, so having a boy, besides my wonderful hubby, brings out the tomboy in me! 

I used:
Plantain SchoolBook Cricut Cartridge for the circle layers and the star
Sweet Treats Cricut Cartridge for the Card shape
Red, White and blue cardstock
Star Brad

Thanks for taking a peek at my card and I hope you have a fantastic kind of day!