Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I changed my mind!

Well, I was not planning on doing handmade Christmas cards this year.  We have been soooo very busy and I just did not want to take the time.  BUT, I had a few people who were a little disappointed, so I guess I gave in and took the time.  Thank goodness for my kids helping me.  By the day was over we did about 18 cards.  The fun part is that no two are the same.  I loved watching my kids come up with different ideas and they ran with it.  I helped with either getting them stamped or assembling their ideas.  Sometimes with a little tweeking.  But over all they were their ideas.  I only did about 3 cards the rest were theirs.  So since we homeschool our kids, today was "art class", which is a great way to break up the routine/rut of school.  A welcome change.  I think they all turned out wonderful.