Sunday, September 17, 2017

Anniversary Never Ending Card

Okay, so I was recently commissioned for the first time to make a card for someone.  My sweet sister asked me to make a special 10th Wedding Anniversary card for her to give to her hubby.  It had to be something super special.  So I made him an "never ending card".  This was something very new to me, as I have never made one before, but I have always wanted to.  So this was my opportunity!  The basic card is very simple to make and is fun because it is very interactive and has several sides to decorate and look at. She was specific with wanting a little jar image filled with hearts is all she really wanted, and then the saying, "Happy 10th Anniversary my dear man."  The rest was up to me.  Oh and I was not allowed to any flowers either.  LOL  So this is what I came up with.  I added a little bit of metallic paper to make it more masculine and yet have a little extra sparkle too.  I think he liked it a lot.  I know I sure did, and it sure was fun to flip the many sides around too.

To see how this Never Ending Card works Click Here.

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My Son's Graduation 2017

It is so crazy hard to believe that he has reached this point and has now officially graduated!  What happened to my baby boy?  This one was super hard to do, because he is my only son and the only boy in my life besides my dad and my hubby.  I had no brothers when I was growing up, so having him in my life brings the tomboy in me, out!  I love his ornery fun streak and yet his sweet gently side too.  He has grown up soooo much and changed so much too.  He is so stinkin smart and ingenious too.  Very creative and willing to learn new things that he can do with his hands.  He is a hard worker too. I pray that God will continue to bless him in everything he does and I pray that he continues to grow closer to Him, also.  Anyways, we truly have been busy, with all the planning and preparing that came with his graduation and open house. You see, he has been homeschooled all of his life, and boy what a blessing that is.  But what you don't know is that with the group of people that we partner with in many activities, they also help and plan a formal graduation ceremony for us as parents to present a speech/charge to our son and then give him, his diploma.  It is pretty awesome and very emotional for all of us parents.  What a special time! 


 This first box had ring pops in it for his open house, and that was a huge hit!  Not one was left by the time his party was over!  And I failed to get pictures of it all before his open house was over. 
 And as you can see this box was filled with Smarties.  Everyone enjoyed the decorations and food.  It was a great day to honor him.
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Mother's Day 2017

Well Hello there! Whew, lots of cards are made for these kinds of holidays!  I am so glad to have so many moms to make them for.  They all are so special to us all.  Especially our very own mother's who sacrificed so much for us when we were little and growing up.  I know now, as a momma, you never really do stop worrying about your children no matter how old they are.  Thanks mom for loving us and caring for us and helping us to grow up!

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20th Birthday For My Girl

Hello again!  Well, we have had a very busy year this year, with our son graduating and then my oldest daughter going on a huge and long trip to Thailand to learn more, first hand about human trafficking/modern day slavery.  She had a great trip!  She learned a lot and saw and experienced a lot too.  Some good and some very heartbreaking.  But God was so good to her through the whole process of her planning and raising the money to go.  It was all provided by God.  We only had to pay for her plane to ticket for here in the states and that was it!  That was the biggest problem we had if she was going to go, and God took care of it all for us.  He is so faithful!  Either way, before she left she had her 20th birthday and naturally, I had to make her a card centered around her trip.  So I made a card with an elephant, because she had high hopes of getting to see and ride one while she was there.(Which she got to do!) Plus the background of the card is the Thailand flag!  Extra sparkly and shiny for her too!  I know she loved it! Plus I tried my hand at designing and making her a custom t-shirt, again Thailand themed for her to wear here at home before she left. It turned out pretty good. I still have a bit to learn on that part, but I think it turned out really nice!  Again I think she really liked it too. I am so blessed to have her in my life, and that God chose me to be her mom. She sure is turning out to be one amazing young woman and all the credit truly goes to God!


Well thanks for going on this trip with my daughter! 
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Spring Bulletin Boards 2017

Okay to here are my Church Spring Bulletin Boards for this year!  Simple and dimensional too!  I hope you all like them!  They sure did brighten up the church hallways a bit! Oh and also, here is a picture of the communion table that I get to decorate. I am very pleased at how the flower arrangement turned out.  So cute and bright and fresh looking!

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Musical Themed

Okay, I was asked to make some cards to honor the music leaders in my parents church.  So I had to come up with one for their pianist and for their choir director, plus they had to be masculine too as both are men.  Cards for men can sometimes be so hard to do.  Either way, I wanted to make sure that they felt extra special when they opened these cards, so I went a little over the top with them. I never did hear weather they liked them or not, but I know I sure did!  I loved both for different reasons.  The pop up piano one was a challenge for me to make as I had to create my own template for the size of card I wanted to make.  That always is kinda fun to challenge myself and figuring it out. 

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Basketball Coaches Thank You

Well, my son graduated this past school year!  Again, where did the time go!  So the school year of 2016-2017 was his last year of playing.  His first year of ever playing, we had to make him play.  Now he wishes he could play forever.  He misses it all so much, it is kinda sad.  He was really did great this last year.  We will miss cheering him on this next year, but I am super proud of him and his team for being such great players and their great sportsmanship attitude. God will bless them all and defiantly was honored by it.  Anyways, he also had some fantastic coaches and that was such a blessing to see them work with the boys in such a calm, Godly and encouraging attitude.  What a blessing as a parent to know that.  To show our appreciation for what they did for him we naturally had to give them a special card.  So this time I made them slider cards.  I think they turned out really nice! 

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Victoria's 15th Birthday

Well, my baby turned 15 this year!  Where does the time go?  She keeps reminding me that she will be legally allowed to drive very soon.  Ahhhh!  I am so not ready for that.  Near heart failure with my other 2.  Do you ever stop worrying about your kids even when they are older?  I am finding out that you really don't.  My oldest had her fist fender bender just a few months ago, with our son in the car with her.  I just praise God that, that is all it was, was a fender bender.  Anyways, my sweet, full of joy and love, baby girl is just growing up way to fast!  She asked for "double decker cake", or a two tiered cake, for her birthday, so I wanted to give that a try.  Plus, at Christmas last year we got her a beta fish, and she has loved him and done a wonderful job caring for him and teaching him tricks and  such.  So that was my inspiration for her card. She is such a sweetheart and such a blessing to me.  I am just so thankful that God gave her to us! She is such a sweetheart and such a blessing to everyone that meets her. Oh and her smile is so beautiful too!  I am just so thankful that God gave her to us! 

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Fall and SuperHero Bulletin Boards

Ok, so I made these bulletin boards for our church.  The "Welcome" one is a very large board and is the very first thing people see as soon as they walk in the doors, and first impressions are very important.  So I love to make this one extra special.  Then the other 2 are smaller one that are in the hallway that people walk by on their way to different parts of the church.  I wanted to make these more fun and relative to what was going on in 2016!  Avengers movies were a big hit in the last few years so yes, fun with the symbols but changing them up a bit.

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Pastor Appreciation Cards 2016

October is pastor Appreciation month, and last year I made cards for our two pastors!  One has since retired due to health issues and such. I think these easl cards turned out so beautiful and elegant.

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