Sunday, September 17, 2017

Baby Shower 2016

Oh MY GOODNESS, I knew I hadn't been on here for a long time but WOW!  Ok let me do a little catching up with you all.  Even though I have not posted in a long time, does not mean that I have not been crafting away.  So here is some things I did a little over a year ago for my niece's baby shower for her little boy, Aiden! For the mommy and daddy, I made them pins to wear around for the party!  Daddy was a good sport and even wore his.  I think they turned out adorable!  Patriotic because Daddy is in the Air Force.  Then their card, I did a T-Rex dinosaur because it is a bit of joke between us and them, plus they are cute with those little! Plus the card was a center fold pop up card, with little floating T-rexs' and bubbles.  I was also asked to make them a little pennant banner with the baby's name, Aiden Kye!  Such a simple little thing to do for them!

Well thanks again for being such great followers
and I will post more soon!

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