Sunday, September 17, 2017

Musical Themed

Okay, I was asked to make some cards to honor the music leaders in my parents church.  So I had to come up with one for their pianist and for their choir director, plus they had to be masculine too as both are men.  Cards for men can sometimes be so hard to do.  Either way, I wanted to make sure that they felt extra special when they opened these cards, so I went a little over the top with them. I never did hear weather they liked them or not, but I know I sure did!  I loved both for different reasons.  The pop up piano one was a challenge for me to make as I had to create my own template for the size of card I wanted to make.  That always is kinda fun to challenge myself and figuring it out. 

Thank you again for stopping in and lookin around! 
I hope your day is great!

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