Sunday, September 17, 2017

My Son's Graduation 2017

It is so crazy hard to believe that he has reached this point and has now officially graduated!  What happened to my baby boy?  This one was super hard to do, because he is my only son and the only boy in my life besides my dad and my hubby.  I had no brothers when I was growing up, so having him in my life brings the tomboy in me, out!  I love his ornery fun streak and yet his sweet gently side too.  He has grown up soooo much and changed so much too.  He is so stinkin smart and ingenious too.  Very creative and willing to learn new things that he can do with his hands.  He is a hard worker too. I pray that God will continue to bless him in everything he does and I pray that he continues to grow closer to Him, also.  Anyways, we truly have been busy, with all the planning and preparing that came with his graduation and open house. You see, he has been homeschooled all of his life, and boy what a blessing that is.  But what you don't know is that with the group of people that we partner with in many activities, they also help and plan a formal graduation ceremony for us as parents to present a speech/charge to our son and then give him, his diploma.  It is pretty awesome and very emotional for all of us parents.  What a special time! 


 This first box had ring pops in it for his open house, and that was a huge hit!  Not one was left by the time his party was over!  And I failed to get pictures of it all before his open house was over. 
 And as you can see this box was filled with Smarties.  Everyone enjoyed the decorations and food.  It was a great day to honor him.
Anyways, thank you all for looking around at what has been keeping me so extremely busy this past year. I hope you have a fantastic day!

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