Sunday, September 17, 2017

20th Birthday For My Girl

Hello again!  Well, we have had a very busy year this year, with our son graduating and then my oldest daughter going on a huge and long trip to Thailand to learn more, first hand about human trafficking/modern day slavery.  She had a great trip!  She learned a lot and saw and experienced a lot too.  Some good and some very heartbreaking.  But God was so good to her through the whole process of her planning and raising the money to go.  It was all provided by God.  We only had to pay for her plane to ticket for here in the states and that was it!  That was the biggest problem we had if she was going to go, and God took care of it all for us.  He is so faithful!  Either way, before she left she had her 20th birthday and naturally, I had to make her a card centered around her trip.  So I made a card with an elephant, because she had high hopes of getting to see and ride one while she was there.(Which she got to do!) Plus the background of the card is the Thailand flag!  Extra sparkly and shiny for her too!  I know she loved it! Plus I tried my hand at designing and making her a custom t-shirt, again Thailand themed for her to wear here at home before she left. It turned out pretty good. I still have a bit to learn on that part, but I think it turned out really nice!  Again I think she really liked it too. I am so blessed to have her in my life, and that God chose me to be her mom. She sure is turning out to be one amazing young woman and all the credit truly goes to God!


Well thanks for going on this trip with my daughter! 
I hope you have a adventurous day today!

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