Friday, May 4, 2012

Cheeseburger Birthday!

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well and keeping busy!  I know I sure am!  My sweet first baby just turned 15 yesterday!  I can't believe that I have a child that old and where does time go?  My husband used to say, "Time flies when your having fun!"  I am not sure about the word "fun", I think I would change it to something like, "Time flies when your busy!" She is such a blessing and joy to me...I think with her being so grown up and mature, it helps me not to be so crazy.  I can have "grown up" conversations with her like I was talking to an adult.  She has always been one to leave a good impression on people, so much so that even when she was little, people knew me as Elizabeth's mom more than by my own name.  I am so glad that God choose me to be her mother.  What a gift she is to me!  
Now onto the story of the card! Way back at Christmas time I was busy working on my Christmas cards and cut out a shaped card with my Cricut and my youngest daughter says, "Hey Mommy, the shape of that card looks like a cheeseburger."  That is when it hit me, that it would be a perfect card for my oldest daughter, who LOVES cheeseburgers.  She loves them like I love pizza.  We could eat them every day!  LOL  So when her birthday came around, I somehow remembered what I was going to make her and where the shaped card was.  First, I was going to make it as a shaped card then I realized that the card would open upside down, so that won't work.  So then, I decided to mount it on a larger card base and put the little extras with it!  I LOVE how it all turned out!  She loved it too!  It made her laugh and smile really big!  It looks yummy too!

I used: 
A Child's Year Cricut Cartridge for the card shape
Sweet Treats Cricut cartridge for the ketchup oozing out
Mulberry Paper (for the Lettuce)
Meadow Flower Soft (also for the Lettuce)
Paper is from years of a small collection that I had and is not attached with any label
I-rock gems
Ribbon from Michael's (I think)
Dimentional dots

Thank You so much for stopping by and I hope I didn't make you hungry! 
Have a great day!