Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What am I up to, now?

Well, it is that time of year again for the,"Thanksgiving/Christmas craft".  Every year on Thanksgiving day my Mom's family gets together and celebrates Thanksgiving, over a nice large meal.  Then when all the dishes are done and put away us "girls" get together and exchange a craft/ornament of some kind, that we made.  I usually have to make appoximately 30.  From one year to the next, we could have as few as 20, and the next year about 30.  It is alot of fun to give and to recieve, and to see what they come up with every year.  No, it does not have to be a Christmas ornament or anything Christmas, just a craft.  I enjoy making a variety, so no two are exaclty alike.  Well, this is just a teaser of what I am up to...I will post pictures of the complete project when Thanksgiving is closer or when I have finally perfected my project!  I am already having fun doing this...I may have found another "hobby" that I may enjoy!  What is one more anyways?  So see if you can guess what I am up to now!!! 

Thanks for taking a peek at what I am up to, and guessing!  I hope you have a great day!

1 comment:

  1. It looks like a mad science experiment, so that's my guess. :)))