Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cardmaking Beginings

I just want to share with you all, real quick, something special.  My daughter who is 11 has been making cards for people off and on through the years.  I usually give her my "scraps" and this includes a bunch of Cricut cuts that I have changed my mind about...most of them I struggle to even give to her.  But hey, it helps to keep down the pile of scraps for me.  She really enjoys getting them too!  It is with pure delight that she takes them from me.  Anyways, with those "scraps"  She goes and makes her own cards for people.  Since she has been doing this and enjoying it, people have bought her some supplies and paper of her own, like the Cuttlebug for kids, and her own paper...  She is now accumulating a nice "pile" of supplies of her own.  LOL  Anyways, when she made this card she was delighted at how well it turned out, and asked if I would take a picture of it.  So I knew that meant that she wanted me to share it with you all!  She gets a little bit of coaching from me but most of it she does on her own.  It gives her something constructive to do and gives Mommy some "quiet time".  It also helps teach her to think of others, and their likes and such.  Sometimes she is the one who reminds me of someones birthday/anniversary and such.  Anyways, here is what she came up with using some of my scraps! I think she did a pretty good job, too!
Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at what WE have been busy doing!
Enjoy and leave her some love!
I hope you have a great day!

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