Monday, March 28, 2016

2015-2016 B-ball Coaches

Hello again! Officially basketball season has come to an close for this school year. We are happy but sad that it is over. Happy because of all the nonstop running from here to there and such. But sad because it so much fun to meet new friend and old ones and just to simply cheer on our son and his team! They did pretty good this year considering they got a bunch of new players and some had never played Basketball before. By the end of the season they finally found what works for them and started beating all the other teams. They also surprised everyone and won the championship game too. We are all so proud of them! They worked really hard for that! 
So of course we are greatly appreciative for the coaches who worked equally as hard at coaching them. I have always made a card for them at the end of the season and this is what they received! Simple and quick! 

The basketball on this one is on an action wobble to give the card a bit of movement and fun.
Thanks for coming by, come back by again soon and have a great day!

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