Thursday, January 8, 2015

Craftyness for Christmas!

So this Christmas, my teenage daughters and I bonded and had fun doing some crafts together for Christmas gifts.  So I will start with my big project which totally involved all three of us and lots of patience.  So let me start with a little history of why.
In 2014 my wonderful empty nesters of In-laws decided to become foster parents.  God put 4 little children into their lives overnight.  They are a challenge and a lot of work.  Their ages ranged from 3months old to 7yrs. old, and they come from a horrific background of abuse.  We have all as a family, pitched in and helped them out whenever we can and have truly loved on them as if they were our own.  Well, there is a chance that they may be leaving our family soon, after having them for nearly 9 months.  So I wanted to make something of a "keepsake" of these children for my in -laws.  All I could think of doing was, salt dough handprints and putting them into a shadow box frame with some kind of quote on the glass, in vinyl.  So we "borrowed" each child for a few hours to let them put their handprint into the dough, then once they were baked, we let them paint them up the way they wanted (except the baby of course).  The amazing part was that none of the kids squealed at all for almost 2 weeks before Christmas.  It was a total surprise for my in-laws!  Their was not a dry eye in the room, and even now I still tear up a bit, remembering their reaction to it.  The kids were very proud of their handprints too.  The quote says: "You've held our hands for a little while, but our hearts forever..."  So here is a few pictures of the work we put into this wonderful project for some AMAZING in-laws!


I think they liked it!
Now onto our other projects!
My oldest daughter is very close to her cousins and has a great relationship with them all, but one of them just recently got married very quickly due to her fiancé being deployed.  I posted about their wedding day in a previous post here: Wedding Bells.  My niece greatly misses her husband and only gets to talk to him maybe once a week.  So we wanted to make something extra special for her and her special day.  So she decided to make her coasters that we decoupaged some wedding pictures to some tiles and sealed them with a clear coat and put adhesive felt on the back to protect the table surfaces.  We also, made a monogram for 2 of them on my Cricut Explore, with vinyl and did the same of sealing them too.  They turned out beautiful!  My niece cried when she saw the pictures and so did we.  This Christmas was full of sentimental gifts for many!  Check them out!
Aren't they beautiful!
Anyways, next she wanted to make the same thing for one of her other cousins that she is really close to, also!  But she kept it simple, yet they turned out so beautiful too!  We just decoupaged some pretty paper to the tiles and then did her monogram on 2 and then her name on the other 2 with my Cricut Explore.  I really liked them so much, I wanted to keep them, except that none our names are Kimberly!  That would be a little weird!  LOL
Anyways, here they are!
Aren't they adorable!
Okay the next project she did was for another cousin that she is very close to, also!  I know, I know, how many can she possibly have that she is really close to?  Well, there is just the three.  So this is the last of these!  LOL  She went a little different route on this one, a very fun and creative one.  This particular cousin is always posting private messages back and forth and sharing funny little videos on Instagram.  The three are all from one side of my family and they are more like best friends than cousins.  Anyways, she came up with the idea to make up a frame to look like Instagram and they even have their own cute little hash tag!  So here is her adorable frame that she painted up and then I made their hash tag up on my Cricut Explore in vinyl.  I think it also, turned out so cute!  She did a fantastic job!
Here it is with the my daughter on the left and two of her cousins!  Didn't it turn out so cute!
We did several other little projects, but I think you get the point that we were very busy, and had a wonderful Christmas with everyone!
Again, thanks for stopping in and seeing what we did this year for Christmas.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that your New Year will be filled with many blessings!

My New to Me Craft Space

 I am so very excited to share with you all, there has been some new developments here at Eastunders Creations! I used to have my crafty little corner in my beautiful but tiny dining room but as most of you know what happens after a while...your supplies start to grow as your "needs" grow.  So before you knew it, I was taking over my dining room and it didn't look to purtty!   And if I was working on a project of any kind, it would all end up on the table.  Then in the middle of these projects, I would have to stop and make a meal and have to quickly clean off my table, so that we could use the table for eating!  Who would have ever thought of that!  LOL  Plus, I was just plain outgrowing my "corner"!  So this past spring, we had our basement waterproofed to stop the flooding that happened 2 times the year before.  Our house was built in the 1920's so waterproofing the basement was not a concern.  So I waited to see how things went before I put my precious paper and machine down there.  Kinda a wait and see, kind of thing!  I still am not totally trusting of it all, but it seems to be working just fine.  It is nice to have a rainstorm and not have to be stressed that the basement may flood...again and then wonder what am I going to loose this time...   Who would have thought that a storage tote full of books would float upside down and fill up with water!   Anyways, we have plans to kinda finish part of the basement in the future.  So the front area was kinda sitting empty till we have the "funds" to do that.  So I decided to reclaim my dining room and to stake my claim on the basement area for my craft room.  It is a work in progress and a little rough, but it is working for me right now.  I have much bigger and more grand ideas for it, but with what I came up with, I don't think it is to shabby!  I saved the old bookshelf that was put in the garage years ago, and was just collecting saw dust and not being used.  Then my wonderful hubby helped me make a better system for my table top by adding some "legs" to help it be more sturdy.  I borrowed the "camping table" for a little extra work space...but I think the kids and my hubby like it for other things.  We had two computer chairs that just don't look to nice anymore or something was wrong with the mechanics of them, they were in the garage for years, so I salvaged them, too.  So now I have a more comfy chair to sit in, instead of a "card table" chair.  Yay!  Plus, I had an old area rug that was a little frayed on the one edge, so I threw that down on the old uneven half painted old floor to help warm up the space.  I put some unused lamps down there to help soften the bright white glow of the florescent lighting.  Then also my wonderful hubby had an unused shop light that he hung right over my desk area for the extra lighting that was lacking greatly over it!  I think he is happy to have the dining room back too!  What has been kinda funny now, is that every time I am down there working on something, it seems everyone ends up down there with me.  Either they like the "cozy" environment that I have created, or maybe they just like being with me!   Yeah, it is just the room!  LOL

Just a Few More Christmas Cards 2014

Hello everyone!  Did you think I got lost?  I disappeared for a while, but not from my crafting, but just from my blog.  So much has been going on as of lately and I just have not had the time to sit down and post.  So just a quick post of a few more Christmas cards I made for this past Christmas of 2014.  I made a bunch more but didn't even have time to take pictures of them all.  I was very busy in my "New" to me craft area. Pictures of that coming soon!  Anyways, during this time I also got a new machine to craft with!  I got the new Cricut Explore!  I LOVE it so far!  I put it through a lot of "tests" to see what it could do, and man can it cut!  It handled the very detailed cuts with ease, which is what I was hoping for!  So I put it through good use, through the Christmas season and kept it busy!  My craft room was a constant buzz of papers, vinyl, paint brushes, Mod Podge and such things were a flying around!  It was crazy, but fun!  So you can imagine how messy it got...or maybe not, maybe I am the only one who didn't have time to clean up until after Christmas...Nah, there has got to be others out there with the same problem.  Anyways, here is just a few more cards that I put together from my friends and family for Christmas!  Enjoy!

I love how these all turned out!  I have many more things to post and share with you all, so be patient and keep stopping by to see what they are!  Thanks for stopping in and I hope you all stay warm and cozy this winter!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Just A Few Christmas Cards 2014

Hello everyone, I have not been on here for a very long time. Basketball season has started up for my son. Preparations for Thanksgiving and for the Christmas season has already begun here at our home. It has been very cold here and we have gotten about 6-8 inches of snow in the last week. It seems as though winter has begun whether the calendar says it has or not! Brrrr! 
Anyways, here is just a few of the Christmas cards I have made so far.

I hope you stay warm wherever you are at.
 Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pastor Appreciation 2014

Well, as some of you may know, October is Pastor Appreciation Month.  So it is important to acknowledge the pastors in our churches and honor them and their sacrifice for the Lord and their service.  Our church is so blessed to have 2 dedicated men, leading us.  They love the Lord and the people of the church.  It is so wonderful to have men that any moments notice, you can call on them and they will do just about anything to try to help you.  Our church is truly blessed and honored to have them.  Thank You Pastor Mike and Pastor Robert!

Anyways, it was a perfect opportunity to make some very special cards for them. So this is what I came up with for each one.

I used:
Inspired Heart Cricut Cartridge for the front cuts of the bible and the pastor preaching
Elegant Edges Cricut Cartridge for the background cuts

Thank You so much for stopping in!
  I hope you have a fantastic day filled
 with lots of blessings!

Time to guess the 2014 Thanksgiving Craft

It is time! Every year on Thanksgiving day, my mom's family exchanges handmade crafts to each other.  Most everyone gives ornaments or some kind of Christmas decoration.  So if you want to join in on the fun, give it a try and see if you can guess what I have been up to for this years craft exchange!  Don't be shy!  Here is my supplies!
Who will be the first?
Thanks for playing along and I hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wedding Bells

Okay, so I have been busy crafting away at cards and such.  But this card was for someone super special to not just to me but my whole family.  We love this couple so very much.  Well, the bride was my niece and her very handsome groom.  They are very young but he just was deployed right after their wedding.  This is such a scary time to be in the military with so much unrest in our world.  Either way, I had the privilege to make her bouquet and the flower arrangement for her unity candle and to decorate the arch that they stood under for their beautiful outside wedding.  It was a lovely day, lots of sunshine and warm temperatures, (which is unusual for around here!).  We all had a great time!  The bride was beautiful and the groom was very handsome!  So here is just a few pictures of the bride and her flowers that I did and their card I made for them.

 Isn't she lovely!
 Her bouquet!
 Their Unity Candle arrangement I made!
Their Card!
I Used: 
Elegant Edges Cricut Cartridge for the boarders
Metallic Cardstock Silver/Cream
Making Memories Slice Acetate Brocade for the Background
Adhesive Pearls
Ribbon from my stash
Stamped Sentiment from Michaels

Thanks for taking a look at what has been going on!      And if you think of them, please say a prayer for them both and for our other service people in the military.  Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tree Wedding Anniversary

This is another simple card, that I made for my niece and her hubby's wedding anniversary.  I thought it was such a cute idea to make it look like a tree that someone carved their names in.  It would make a cute wedding/shower card too.  A very simple and quick card to put together.  I hope they liked it!  I know I sure did, it made me smile and remember the time my hubby and I took a walk in the woods behind my in-laws house and carved our initials in a tree.  Just as my ,then boyfriend, finished up, a storm was rolling in and lightning hit the ground just as were walking back to the house.  It was kinda scary.  I wonder if we could find that tree now 21+ years later! 

I used:
Brown cardstock/Kraft paper
Darcie Wood grain embossing folder
StazOn brown Ink
Ribbon from my stash
Gel pens for the writing
Stamped Sentiment from Hobby Lobby
Thank you for taking a look at what I have been doing!
  I hope you have a fantastic day!

Flocked Wedding Anniversary

Hello!  I made this simple card for my SIL and BIL's wedding anniversary.  As I look back to their wedding day, I think it is still funny that I caught the bouquet and my hubby, who was my boyfriend, caught the garter!  A couple of years later we were married! Those memories still make me smile.    Anyways, this was a very quick and simple card yet it looks so beautiful!  I just loved the paper just the way it was, with just adding a little bit of embellishment of some sparkly rhinestones and some ribbon it was perfect.  I love flocking, it causes you to want to touch it, so it is not just the sense of vision on the card but now it is the sense of touch too. 

I used:
DCWV La Crème Stack Paper
Rhinestones from my stash
Black and Ivory ribbon from my stash
Stamped Sentiment from Hobby Lobby

Thank you so much for stopping in and I hope you have a day filled with lots of blessings!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

2014 Autumn/Fall Bulletin Board

Here is my Autumn/Fall bulletin board for my church foyer!  I tried to make it look as though the leaves were blowing across it.  Not sure if I succeeded at it or not, but I am happy with it!  I just love the colors of fall.  They are so bright and vibrant.  The trees around here are starting to change and drop their leaves, and it is more cooler at night now too.  I always say that God really shows off His handiwork in the fall!  Anyways, here is the bulletin board!  Enjoy!

Thanks for taking a look at my bulletin board! 
 May you have a day filled with lots of blessings on this day that the Lord has made!