Friday, May 27, 2011

A LEGO Thank You!

My 12 year old son made a "deal" with his grandparents, that if he could get half of the money to purchase a LARGE Lego set, they would provide the other half.  Well, after drooling over the Lego catalogue since Christmas time, he finally reached his goal.  So off to the Lego store we went with his grandparents.  We had never been to a Lego store before, so this was a field trip for all of us.  Boy was that alot of fun!  He was so overwhelmed with all of the Legos yet in shock that he was buying the set that he has wanted for so long.  This set was intended for the ages of 16+, and yet we knew he could do it.  Well, with little sleep that night, (due to excitement) he got up at 8:30am and began working on this 1,204 piece set.  With just a few bathroom breaks and a forced lunch break (not with the Legos), he completed it in approximately 8 hours.  He is so proud of himself and so very thankful that his grandparents helped him with the money that he has yet to take it back apart and has it on display on his dresser in his room.  Even about a week later, he says to me, "I still can't believe that I have that set and have it completed."  So wonderful that he is that thankful.  Well, after almost tears of joy and excitement that he got it, I told him he needed to make a card and send it to his grandparents.  So he designed his card on my Gypsy and cut it out on the Cricut, and inked the edges of the papers(with a little guidance) and this is what he came up with! So enjoy the pictures of his accomplishment and his card.  I think he did a great job, both on the Legos and on the card.  

We used:
Plantain Schoolhouse Cartridge
Red Card stock
Striped paper from my stash
Blue Ribbon from my stash
Black and brown ink pads for the edges and dots
Dot Cuttlebug folder
Pop dots

 Lego store display

 More store display

My boy hard at work in his room

 One rocket completed

All done!  Look at the pride on his face!

 Hard at work making the card!

All done!
Well, thanks for stopping by to read his story and seeing what even a little boy can boy with both Legos and cards!  I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Hi
    Thanks for a wonderful post and an inspiring story.
    Your son is amazing for his tenacity in getting the set he wanted and as a family, this is a wonderful thing to see you supporting him.
    Beautiful all round!
    And what an awesome set to choose.
    It would be first on my list too :0)

  2. Thanks for sharing your pics and story of your son and his legos. My DS was just like him - LOVED to do legos - the bigger the better. Like your son, he would spend hours putting together ones for older people when he was years younger then what it called for! He didn't take his apart - kept them together and Dad had built special shelves in his room. He's soon to be 15 though and at the end of last summer, he decided LEGOS were for children and he packed up all of his LEGOS and put them in storage in the attic. Made me a little sad! He still sees some and says, "ooh - but then I'd have to put it in the attic!" One day he'll figure out that Legos aren't just for little boys and maybe pull them out again. If not, they will be there for him to share with his children one day!