Friday, June 17, 2011

Stair Stepper Box Tutorial

Hey, I told everyone I would try to make a tutorial on how to make my stepper box.  So this is my first time ever making any kind of tutorial and video here.  So please, if you are unsure and my directions are unclear, please don't hesitate to ask questions and I will do my best to make it more clear. 

The Box
Begin with a 12"x 6 1/2" sheet of heavy card stock
Then cut a 5" x 10" sheet of card stock (coordinating, as this will be the inside of the box)

Glue the 5'x 10" sheet of card stock to the center of the inside of the 12"x 6 1/2" sheet
Next, fold the ends over and  glue them down as shown below.

Then, score and fold at every 2 1/4" starting at the left, you will have a small section left over, that will be the tab that overlaps for the opening of the box.

 Then set this aside.

The Lid

Cut a 4 5/16" of card stock/heavy coordinating paper.  Score at 1" around the paper to make a "tic tack toe" design as shown below.

Then starting at the bottom right hand of the score lines, only cut one side of the scored square on the corner, then rotate the paper and do the same side of the square repeating till four cuts have been made.

Next, fold all the score marks up, and fold all the scored tabs in and glue. You should have a lid that will fit your box.


Stair Stepper/Inside boxes
Cut 4,  6"x 6" squares out of heavy paper/card stock
Draw a line from one corner to the opposite corner making an X on the inside of your paper
Next, fold firmly one corner in to the center of your drawn X and then take that same piece and fold firmly again to be aligned with the line of the drawn X.  Then unfold.  Then repeat again to each corner until all four corners have been done.  You will end up with a grid like pattern on your paper from the folds.
Now, take the paper and find two center folds on each side of the X line,  only cut down both sides to the second square.
Follow the video, it is a lot easier to explain than to try to write it out.  I hope this will help.


Assembly of the inside of the Stair Stepper Box

Once you have finished making the inside boxes, you can begin to assemble your stepper box.
Starting with the bottom box, using a strong glue, glue it to the bottom of the outside box on just the one side of the small box, on the first fold next to the small tab, as shown below.

Then space your next boxes on the next folded tab at about 11/16" up from the bottom one.

Keep gluing each box on the next tab at about 11/16" from each other,so that you have the "stair step" effect and all 4 of your boxes are firmly glued.

Now the fun can begin!  Embellish your box how you please and have fun...then give it as a gift with some kind of goodies in the little boxes.  You could put jewelry, chocolates, small toys, money...what ever you please.  Make sure you give me credit for my work on figuring this out!  Thanks for coming by and learning how to do this.  I hope this is clear enough for you all and if you have any questions about this, please don't
hesitate to ask.

And here is mine all embellished up for my niece's graduation!

I hope you have a very wonderful day!


  1. What a cool box! Great job and thanks for sharing!

  2. I have not seen a box like this. Great job and TFS!

  3. love this box great tutorial thanks for sharing x