Thursday, January 8, 2015

Just a Few More Christmas Cards 2014

Hello everyone!  Did you think I got lost?  I disappeared for a while, but not from my crafting, but just from my blog.  So much has been going on as of lately and I just have not had the time to sit down and post.  So just a quick post of a few more Christmas cards I made for this past Christmas of 2014.  I made a bunch more but didn't even have time to take pictures of them all.  I was very busy in my "New" to me craft area. Pictures of that coming soon!  Anyways, during this time I also got a new machine to craft with!  I got the new Cricut Explore!  I LOVE it so far!  I put it through a lot of "tests" to see what it could do, and man can it cut!  It handled the very detailed cuts with ease, which is what I was hoping for!  So I put it through good use, through the Christmas season and kept it busy!  My craft room was a constant buzz of papers, vinyl, paint brushes, Mod Podge and such things were a flying around!  It was crazy, but fun!  So you can imagine how messy it got...or maybe not, maybe I am the only one who didn't have time to clean up until after Christmas...Nah, there has got to be others out there with the same problem.  Anyways, here is just a few more cards that I put together from my friends and family for Christmas!  Enjoy!

I love how these all turned out!  I have many more things to post and share with you all, so be patient and keep stopping by to see what they are!  Thanks for stopping in and I hope you all stay warm and cozy this winter!

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