Thursday, January 8, 2015

My New to Me Craft Space

 I am so very excited to share with you all, there has been some new developments here at Eastunders Creations! I used to have my crafty little corner in my beautiful but tiny dining room but as most of you know what happens after a while...your supplies start to grow as your "needs" grow.  So before you knew it, I was taking over my dining room and it didn't look to purtty!   And if I was working on a project of any kind, it would all end up on the table.  Then in the middle of these projects, I would have to stop and make a meal and have to quickly clean off my table, so that we could use the table for eating!  Who would have ever thought of that!  LOL  Plus, I was just plain outgrowing my "corner"!  So this past spring, we had our basement waterproofed to stop the flooding that happened 2 times the year before.  Our house was built in the 1920's so waterproofing the basement was not a concern.  So I waited to see how things went before I put my precious paper and machine down there.  Kinda a wait and see, kind of thing!  I still am not totally trusting of it all, but it seems to be working just fine.  It is nice to have a rainstorm and not have to be stressed that the basement may flood...again and then wonder what am I going to loose this time...   Who would have thought that a storage tote full of books would float upside down and fill up with water!   Anyways, we have plans to kinda finish part of the basement in the future.  So the front area was kinda sitting empty till we have the "funds" to do that.  So I decided to reclaim my dining room and to stake my claim on the basement area for my craft room.  It is a work in progress and a little rough, but it is working for me right now.  I have much bigger and more grand ideas for it, but with what I came up with, I don't think it is to shabby!  I saved the old bookshelf that was put in the garage years ago, and was just collecting saw dust and not being used.  Then my wonderful hubby helped me make a better system for my table top by adding some "legs" to help it be more sturdy.  I borrowed the "camping table" for a little extra work space...but I think the kids and my hubby like it for other things.  We had two computer chairs that just don't look to nice anymore or something was wrong with the mechanics of them, they were in the garage for years, so I salvaged them, too.  So now I have a more comfy chair to sit in, instead of a "card table" chair.  Yay!  Plus, I had an old area rug that was a little frayed on the one edge, so I threw that down on the old uneven half painted old floor to help warm up the space.  I put some unused lamps down there to help soften the bright white glow of the florescent lighting.  Then also my wonderful hubby had an unused shop light that he hung right over my desk area for the extra lighting that was lacking greatly over it!  I think he is happy to have the dining room back too!  What has been kinda funny now, is that every time I am down there working on something, it seems everyone ends up down there with me.  Either they like the "cozy" environment that I have created, or maybe they just like being with me!   Yeah, it is just the room!  LOL

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